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1. When peeling Banana or Plantain, apply oil in your hands so as to avoid the sticking effect.
2. You can store your moi-moi leaves in d freezer for months by putting dem in a big nylon bag. You only bring out d quantity u need to use per time.
3. Don’t cover ur Ogbonor & Okro soup wen cooking bcos it will make it not to draw well again and after cooking it allow it to cool down before covering.
4. If u don’t want to cry while cutting ur onion. Before slicing d onion, peel d back & put in the fridge for 10mins den bring it out & slice.
5. Preserve your dry fish and crayfish inside freezer with a tight closed container.
6. Add salt to your coco yam when it starts boiling to soften quickly.
7. Soak ur garlic in cold water for like a min, and use ur hand to remove d back, it will come off easily.
8. To cut pepper with ur hand apply vegetable oil on ur hand b4 cutting d pepper. U will not feel d effect or hotness.
9. To preserve your beans from weavils and likes, remove dirt’s from beans and store in a Jerrycan with cover or put the beans in a nylon and get a bucket with cover. The beans will last and remain cool till the last seed finishes.
10. If you’re boiling your rice and it’s too soft due to too much water just put a slice of bread on it and it will absorb the water and normalize the rice.
11. Tie the head of your plantain to avoid air then keep it in the fridge to avoid it from getting riped.
12. Wrap your unused fresh vegetables inside a paper. It could be newspaper then put in a nylon bag b4 keeping it in the fridge
13. If hot water or hot oil mistakingly pour on any part of your body, just pour flour on d affected area immediately …. And it makes your skin not to peel or swell up.
14. Soak ur beans for moi moi in hot water for about 10 mins and wash. It makes dem come off easily.
15. To store ur Ogiri, mix it with salt and put in a container. Ur Ogiri will stay for years without getting spoilt.
Hope this helps…..

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