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I want to help some people grow their hair in a 30 days challenge.

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I want to help some people grow their hair in a 30 days challenge…only serious people that will do exactly what I’ll tell them…make sure to take a picture of your hair length now and post it so that u can compare it after the 30 days challenge🥰if you are gonna join the challenge raise up your ✋it starts tommorow only people that will participate will testify…

1. Put your hair in cornrow or some people call it weaving..wether big size or small size it’s ok.just make sure u plait it that way

2. Get a spray bottle,put water in it add any oil of your choice,coconut oil,olive oil,castor oil..anyone u have just mix it with the water in your spray bottle…every morning use it to spray on your hair and at night spray your hair again and cover it with a satin bonnet before going to this everyday.

2.i know some people have hand on hair syndrome,they are always touching their hair, I used to do that Sha😅🤦🏽‍♀️ but please try to resist touching your hair for this one month challenge🙏

3. In two weeks time you are allowed to wash your hair while it’s still plaited with a sulphate free shampoo..u can use black soap dudu osun to wash your hair..after that leave your hair alone in the cornrow/weaving…

On day 30 spray your hair water before taking the protective style down,detangle it very well and do a length check compare your before and after picture of your hair and you will see a significant hair growth,it will grow more than it used to, you will retain more length….