Groundnut 4 cups
Flour 4 cups
Sugar 4 tablespoon
Egg 4
Salt ½ teaspoon
Baking powder 1 teaspoon
Groundnut oil for deep-frying
Flavour 2 drops or as desired (optional)
Frying pan
Frying spoon
Sealing machine
Source of fire
Sieve flour into a clean bowl add salt, sugar and baking powder. Mix them together (all the dry ingredients)
Take another small bowl break the eggs into it and whisk until it becomes watery.
Carry another bigger bowl and pour tour groundnut into it. Soak the peanut in hot water for 15 minutes after you must have selected bad groundnut, stones and dirt out. Wash and allow water to drain. Pour salt and mix with the peanut spray them in a tray or flat surface to dry.
Smear 4 tablespoon of whisked egg add flavour it and turn or twirl. Make sure you hold the edge of the bowl and rotate the groundnut use your hand to separate any nut that gum together. Until all the groundnut are coated with the egg. Pour flour into it and twirl, do this little by little until everything is well mixed.
Put your frying pan on fire pour groundnut oil into it and allow the oil to be hot, then deep fry the peanuts burger until golden brown. Pack them out from the oil into a colander or any other draining material. Pour them on a flat surface to get cold. Package your peanut burger for sale.
It is only fresh groundnut that can be used for this purpose.
The reason for twirling the contents is for the groundnut to be uniformly coated, without any excess flour.
For the peanut to be smooth do them in batches and rub the egg mixture before frying. The egg mixture in turn binds the flour to the nuts
Do not use too much flour.
Na this one be the koko. Try and use a packaging material that is attractive.

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