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How to produce Toilet Cleaner- Stain removal at home

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Toilet wash cleaners are formulated to remove hard stains on your toilet bowls which ordinary soaps and detergent cannot remove.
Maybe your toilet bowl is no longer presentable for visitors and friends because of stubborn dirt and stains.
The key to a sparkling toilet bowl in our homes and offices is good maintenance using toilet wash cleaners.
Today, in modern day Nigeria, almost every household and office uses one form of toilet wash or the other.
You can make a huge amount of money from this product (liquid multi-purpose toilet cleaner) if you can produce and then sell using a good marketing plan.
Many homes, offices and public places in our country are in dire need of this product to keep their toilets clean.
With a little capital, you can start up and be on your way to meeting this huge demand which will change your financial story for good.
This tested formula i will share with you below should produce about 10 to 11 liters of toilet wash.
Equipment/Items Required
Plastics Bowls/Bucket
Stirring Stick
Rubber Gloves
Nose mask
Chemicals Required Quantity
1. Nitrosol ¼ kg
2. Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) 1 liter
3. Caustic soda ½ kg
4. Sulphonic Acid 2 liters
5. Texapon ½ kg
6. Perfume 80ml
7. Colour 1small wrap
8. Water 10 liters
Production Process of Toilet Wash
STEP 1: Dissolve Nitrosol ¼ kg in 9 liters of waters and stir it well for 10 minutes
STEP 2: Dissolve caustic soda ½ kg into 1 liter of clean water in a small bowl and stir very well for 10 minutes then add it to the nitrosol solution. Be careful at all times when handling caustic soda.
STEP 3: Mix sulphonic acid 2 liters with ½ kg texapon in a separate bowl and mix it well to form a whitish substance. Add it into the nitrosol solution and stir it very well for 10 minutes.
STEP 4: Add hydrochloric acid HCL 1 liter into the nitrosol mixture and stir it very well for 15 minutes
STEP 5: Add 80 ml of your preferred perfume to the mixed solution and stir very well for 10 minutes
STEP 6: Dissolve your preferred colour with 50cl of water and add it to the solution and stir everything well for 10 minutes.
Leave the mixture to settle for 1 hour and then you can package into containers for sale to your customers or for use in your home or office.
Put this formula to practice and give me your feedback in the comments section. Source: Internet.

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