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How to produce Chebe Powder at home: Get ready to have Long and full hair

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Be sure that this is going to work for your hair. You are producing it yourself. Your hair will grow faster and you will love it. People will just be asking you for the secret.
In today’s Tutorial, you will learn how to make CHEBE POWDER and how to use it for your hair.

3 tablespoon of Chebe (lavender croton) powder
1 table spoon of Mahalaba (cherry kernels)
3 tablespoon of Coconut oil
1teaspoon of Humra perfume
0.5 teaspoon of Misik (incense resin)
0.5 teaspoon of Cloves
PLEASE NOTE:Sometimes you can find chebe powder under different names. It is often called shebe powder or even chewe powder.
Regarding Mahalaba, these cherry kernels are often called mahleb or mahalepi. As for Humra perfume, it is often called Khumra fragrance.
Prepare all the ingredients for chebe powder.
Find a small bowl and add chebe powder, incense resin, cloves and mahalaba. Mix them, or even put them into a blender to turn into powder.
When everything is carefully blended you can put the mixture into a new bowl and add coconut oil plus humra perfume. Keep mixing until you get a nice-looking mixture. You can leave your chebe powder in the bowl for use on your hair right away or put it into a jar for using later on.
Chebe powder requires a particular method of application. The method is called LCO:
“L” stands for liquid or water that to moisturize your hair before any hair care product is applied.
“C” stands for chebe powder mixture created at home
“O” stands for oil that is applied to the hair afterwards Use regular water to moisturize your hair.
Take the chebe mixture you have made yourself and carefully apply it as your hair mask.
Start with your roots and go down to the tips. Leave it like this for 2-3 hours.
Rinse the chebe powder off your hair with regular water. Apply some oil to the hair and protect it by braiding or twisting.
Many African women create a bun on their head or several big braids and keep their hairstyle like this for a couple of days (up to 5 days usually).
Apply your chebe powder once a week (or every 5 days) and your hair will grow faster and become stronger with time.

Where can I find all the ingredients?

They are often found in marketplaces.

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