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Tile cleaner is a Chemical mixture that can be used for removing stubborn stains on tiles and floors,it can also be used to clean tiles in the bathroom,toilet and even in the kitchen, it can also be used for scrubbing.

In the industry, tile cleaner is used for removing grease,stains and chemicals in the floor and also for washing work tools.

1. Use hand gloves and nose mask when producing the tile cleaner
2. Avoid contact of Chemicals with eye or skin
3. Always be extra careful when using the concentrated HCL
4. Keep all chemicals out of reach of children.

*Quantity Of Materials For 5 Litres Of Tile Cleaner*
1. Concentrated HCL(Hydrochloric acid) 500ml
2. Sulphonic acid 250ml
3. Water 4.5 Litres

1. In your plastic bucket pour your sulphonic acid into water and stir very well for about 5 minutes.

2. Then carefully and slowly add the HCL, note that when adding the HCL let the chemical in the bottle run through the wall of the bucket into the solution,this is to avoid any splash.
Note: HCL is very dangerous so avoid inhaling the fumes and do not let it pour on your skin.

3. Rinse the bottle with enough water and dispose it,don’t let children or even animals come in contact with it.

4. Stir the solution for about 6 minutes,then cover the mixture and leave it for about 6 hours, then after 6 hours stir the mixture very well.
Be careful when using this mixture,do not handle with bare hands,always put on hand gloves each time you want to use it.

When using it to clean dirty floors and tiles,sprinkle the tile cleaner on the tiles or floor and leave for about 10 to 30 minutes before scrubbing the tiles then finally clean up with soap and water.

Hope this has been helpful?

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