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How to make soap, detergent and izal at home – see how to make huge profit with this business

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ABSOLUTELY FREE: How to make soap, Izal, detergent etc. We use soap everyday. This is a profitable business. Tell me who doesn’t use soap everyday. We use soap to wash plates, clothes and many more. You can also make soap for yourself, Friends and family. There is huge profit in this business. Think of it! Soap is part of what we use everyday. You can’t do without using soap in a day so calculate how much these people are making.


You can make your soap, package it well, start selling and become a brand that people will start looking for your soap in market.

It is better to acquire skills now. Learning how to make soap, detergent and izal  will be very useful. You can produce all these and sell in the market or even get a shop. These are things people buy everyday. If you don’t want to sell it, you can use it at home. We all need soap, detergent etc.

We use soap to wash plate, clothes etc. We use detergent, Izal, liquid soap for many things.

Following these PROCEDURES  will make you acquire a good and useful skill.

Let’s get started


Chemical involved  and their formulas:
1. Water –  20 ltrs.
2. Menthol – to taste
3. Pine oil  – 1/4 litre
4. IZAL Concentrate – 1/4 litre.
5. Cabolic- 1/4 litre.
6. Booster – 1/4 litre
7. Texapol – To Taste.
8. Lizol   – 1/4 litre
9. Phenol  – 1/4 litre
10.Thickner or whitener 1/2 litre
11. Formalin.               – little quantity


Pour you 20 litres of water into your mixer (where you mix together all chemical component).

Add your whitener or thickner and stir.

Put phenol and stir.

Put Lizol and stir.

Add Booster and stir.

Add Carbolic and stir.

Add your IZAL Concentrate

Add pine oil and stir well.

Add formalin and stir.

Add Texapol and stir well.

Add your menthol for a good result.

You need:
2-Soda ash
4-Texapon/sulphonic acid
6-Foam booster
7-Caustic soda


Get a 10 litre bucket of water

Set d Nitrosol aside

Mix Soda ash in a bowl of small water from the 10litres.

Mix Stpp in anoda bowl of water.

Mix Texapon and Sulphuric together in anoda bowl and don’t add water.

Mix SLS in a bowl of small water.

Set aside d Foam booster.

Mix d Caustic soda in a bowl of water.

Set d Formalin aside

Mix ur colour in a bottled water bottle

Set ur Fragrance aside.

Gently Pour d Nitrosol inside d remaining water, then u start adding other chemicals one after d order according to how they r listed and stir vigorously.

Let it sit for up to 8hours.

And Finally, how to make DETERGENT


4 litre palm kernel oil or fatty acid

1kg caustic soda

2kg soda ash

1/2 litre hydrogen peroxide ( H202)

30ml ammonium

150ml industrial salt

250ml foaming agent

30ml sulphuric acid

1 litre water

colourant to your satisfaction

fragrance to your satisfaction


Prepare the caustic soda solution by pouring the caustic soda in a bucket and add 1 litre of water.

Stir thoroughly, cover tightly and leave to ferment for 72 hours.

You can allow it to ferment for more than three days if you want but should not use if it is not up to 3 days.

Add the soda ash to the caustic soda solution and stir very well until uniformly blended.

Pour the palm kernel oil into the mixture and add the colourant while stirring vigorously only in clockwise direction till it blends well.

Add the hydrogen peroxide, ammonium, industrial salt, sulphuric acid, foaming agent and the fragrance into the mixture.

Pour into dryer for drying or spread under the sun to dry.

Grate or pulverise and then sieve.


With these tutorial, you can now produce your own liquid soap, detergent and Izal and start selling or for personal use.


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