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How to make liquid soap in Nigeria

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How to make liquid soap in Nigeria
Liquid soap production is a really profitable business, it can be used at homes and offices.
Tools needed for liquid soap making
1. Plastic bowl
2. Hand gloves
3. Nose mask
4. Stirring rod
1 Water 20 liters
2 Natrosol or Antisol or C.M.S 1 kg Thickener
3 Caustic soda or soda ash ½ kg Cleansing agent
4 Sulphonic acid 3 liters Foaming agent
5 Texapon 1 liter Foaming agent
6 Sodium laurate sulphate (S.L.S) 5 – 6 tbs
7 Sodium Tripolyphosphate (S.T.P.P) 5 – 6 tbs
8 Colorant As desired
9 Perfume As desired

Dissolve caustic soda in one liter of water and allow to cool
In a separate container pour in sulphonic acid, add perfume, texapon and then add 3 – 4 liters of water and stir very well for some minutes
Dissolve the SLS with 2 tin milk cups of water
Dissolve the STPP with 2 tin milk cups of water
Dissolve 1 kg of natrosol into 20 liters of water and stir. It dissolves almost immediately. If you’re using C.M.C you’ll have to wait for 2 days to dissolve properly
Add the already dissolved texapon, sulphonic acid and, perfume into the dissolved natrosol or C.M.C and stir very well
Pour in dissolved caustic soda or soda ash into the dissolved solution of natrosol or C.M.C and stir
Add dissolved STPP and SLS and stir
Add formalin for preservation
Dissolved colorant into the water, mix well then add to the solution and stir thoroughly
If you feel it is too thick add a little water and stir
Leave the solution for some hours.
Package and sell

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