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You can Dye Natural hair By using Henna, indigo and Lime.

Get 300ml of lime and mix with 100grams of henna, allow this mixture to sit for 8 to 24hrs then apply all over the hair just like you apply relaxers don’t forget to Apply oil or Cream to the Hairlines and Back before applying so that it serves as a barrier to the skin. Put on your Bonnet cap and allow to sit for 2hrs then Rinse thoroughly this will give you an orange color do not worry about it.

Do another Mixture:
Get 300ml of water and 100grams of Indigo powder then mix thoroughly in a Bowl and allow to sit for 5 minutes
Use this all over the hair and make sure you apply to every strand of your hair
Cover your hair with the hair Bonnet and allow to sit for 2-3 hours then Rinse off with warm water and later finish off with Cold water.
After washing you might still notice some Grey hairs on the hair do not worry as this will be totally black within 3-4days.
This is permanent and will not wash out although it will Gradually fade with time which is normal.

Shampoo your hair before you apply this shampoo so that you can get all the benefits

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