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Home remedy to remove phlegm (Thick Catarrh or Mucus) from the throat

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  • Today’s remedy will be a quick and easy-to-do one. It is a home remedy to remove phlegm (Thick Catarrh or Mucus) from the throat. It also helps a great deal to relieve coughing. What I’m saying is that, it will help you remove all the accumulated mucus from the lungs and seriously alleviate the coughing.

What do you need
Some carrots
3 Tablespoon of Honey

How do you prepare it?
Wash your carrots very well (Use nothing less than 5 carrots) and ensure to peel off the dirty parts. Cut into pieces and place in a pot, add a cup of water or half a cup depending on the amount of carrots you decide to use and put to boil in low heat.

Once it is soft, strain the remaining water and put in a container. Mash or blend the soft carrots in another container.

Add 3 tablespoons of honey into the strained water you set aside and stir very well. Then, add the mashed carrots into the mixture and stir well again.

Put the mixture into a closed lid container and put in a fridge.

How do you take it?
3 Tablespoons of the mixture once daily.

Give it a try and come tell us the results.

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