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Hidden Truth About Bra No one has ever told you

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Don’t miss the opportunity you have to see the hidden Truth about Bra. Here are things you should know about Bra

How Bra can cause Breast Sagging.

This article stands to prove the theory that bras can cause breast sagging. A lot of studies have proven that using the wrong bras can cause breasts to sag, at times using old bras can do that as well. Here are some facts:

1. As much as I hate to say this, Bra does not prevent breasts from sagging. Sagging is something that comes naturally due to many factors including nursing, ageing and so on. However, the bra is designed to slow down the sagging process.

2. A study shows that wearing an ill-fitting bra is definitely one of the causes of early breast sagging. What is an ill-fitting bra? This is a Bra that loses its quality and fitting due to long term use. At times, you notice that the internal pins that support the bra cups are broken or weakened. Therefore, instead of the bra to support and keep the breasts firm, it does otherwise. So change the bras as soon as they get older.

3. Another finding shows that wearing a bra for 24 hours has a huge effect on the breasts. Experts recommend that the breasts should be free for at least 12 hours daily. Using the Bra for 24 hours weakens the breast tissues and pave way to sagging breasts.

4. Wrong size bra can also lead to sagging especially in C and D cup sizes. So make sure you know your size and how to measure it, as different bra brands have different measurements.

Bras to Avoid:

1. Bra with poor support. Avoid them because they help the breast sag quickly and they cause back pain and the breasts tend to pull forward.

2. Ill-Fitted Bras. I mentioned them above and their effects. Such bras can also cause rashes and give breasts the chance to get extended through the armpit which is too bad.

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