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Do not take this r!sk, while on your period

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Do not take this r!sk, while on your period.

salty foods– Like I said earlier on, periods comes with much cravings. You crave for this, the next minute, you’re craving for that. Try to control yourself, although it might be pretty difficult. You need to avoid anything salty.

Salty food’s is a major contributory factor to bloating and also one of the things, that champions cramps.

These tips will help you
Pads– Your pad is also a very important thing to take care of. Do not wear a pad for more than four hours. Change your p@ssword, to avoid the unpleasant odour.

keep your v@g !na clean and fresh by washing off with clean water. Making use of soaps on your v@g! na, will only irr!tate that spot and cause you problems. Naturally, the v@ gina is meant to clean itself up.

take a bath three to four times a day. Gently washing your pr! v@te part with clean water.

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