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Apply This Triple Hair Growth Protein Hair Mask on Your Thin Hair and Your Hair Will Never Stop Growing.

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Apply This Triple Hair Growth Protein Hair Mask on Your Thin Hair and Your Hair Will Never Stop Growing.

Today in this post I will share with you amazing 3 best hair growth pack which strengthens the hair follicles, prevents hair loss and gives an amazing shine to our hair. I would highly recommend them if you are suffering from hair loss and other hair related problems.

Benefits of using fenugreek on hair:
Fenugreek seeds have a rich concentration of vitamins, nutrients and other prime elements that are essential for hair follicles to remain healthy. Researchers have shed light on the fact that fenugreek seeds are able to enhance the growth and overall health of hair follicles. Fenugreek is also rich in Potassium, which prevents against greys. It is also a source of Nicotinic Acid, which encourages hair growth and Lecithin, which energizes hair follicles.

Benefits of using Black cumin seed (Kalonji) on hair:
Black cumin seed oil contains omega-3 and 6 biomolecules that encourage blood circulation, especially in the head. This promotes rapid hair growth within weeks. Black cumin seed oil has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, and analgesic properties that help in maintaining scalp health. It deals with issues like dandruff. It also helps keep your scalp moisturized and balances oil production.

Benefits of using curry leaves on hair :
curry leaves can prove to be rather effective when it comes to promoting hair growth. Curry leaves are rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants neutralize the free radicals and keep your hair healthy and strong. They are a good source of proteins and beta-carotene. Both of these nutrients prevent hair loss and thinning. The leaves are also rich in amino acids that help strengthen follicles and keep them healthy.

Benefits of using amla on hair:
Amla oil is a natural remedy prepared from the fruit of the Indian gooseberry tree. Amla contains oodles of essential fatty acids that penetrate into the follicles, making the hair softer, shinier and voluminous. It also stimulates hair growth owing to its high iron and carotene content. You can create amla paste for hair by combining it with other herbs that promote hair growth.

1st Remedy
Kalonji and Methi Hair Mask For Extreme Hair Growth
1) 2 tbsp Black cumin seeds
2) 2 tbsp Fenugreek seeds
3) Half cup fresh aloe vera gel
4) 2 tbsp Coconut Oil

2nd Remedy
Curry Leaves Hair Pack For Extreme Hair Growth
1) Take fresh Curry leaves and wash it well
2) Take 2 tbsp Curd

3rd Remedy
Amla Hair Pack For Extreme Hair Growth
1) 2 tbsp of Amla powder
2) 2 tbsp Curd
3) 2 tbsp Coconut oil